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Slackintosh Linux for PPC: Ain’t this how it’s supposed to be?

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

BITD (“back in the day”) Linux was pitched to the great unblinking hordes of basement-dwelling geeks as (amongst other things) “a good way to revitalize old PC systems, to breathe new life into dust-covered hardware”.

Comes now, Slackintosh. (Don’t be fooled by the url; “.ch” is Switzerland, not China.)

If you have an old PPC Macintosh sitting in your garage and you’ve never used Linux because you thought it was too tough to install and configure, or only think of Linux as Ubuntu, or eschew Slackware as “too hardcore”, then your day of reckoning has arrived.

Slackintosh is easy to install (if you’ve got a working optical drive), it is as easy to configure as all modern ‘nixes, and it makes your “old” hardware as usable in today’s broadband world as it was in the days of dialup when you first bought it.

Maybe even more so since there is support now for wifi USB dongles which offer much faster-, and freer connections than any 56K modem ever did.

Try it, you’ll like it.

Chrome 11 and Gmail +’s and -’s

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

I opened up my laptop today and noticed something funny about the Chrome web browser logo.

It seemed to have morphed into even more of an old style camera iris and less of a UFO-looking thing.

Turns out, Chrome had just updated itself––icons included–to v. 11.0.6+.

Maybe this update will fix all of the flashplayer crashes I seem to get with Chrome (usually in Gmail, I might add).

Gmail has also just added a “feature” that lets a user give a + or -, to each “conversation” so that google can get a better idea of “what’s important to you”.

I’m not sure google needs any more information about me, so I’m probably gonna let that “feature” languish.

Mousey the junkbot: 5th time lucky?

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

I am not an engineer or even a good hobbyist, but I have to admit that I am quite ashamed of my inability to make any kind of simple photovore (e.g. Mousey the Junkbot) which will run properly for more than 15 seconds. (Let me add, self-defensively, that everything works like clockwork when the components are on the breadboard.)

Currently, after a long hiatus from tinkering––it’s been at least a year––I am taking a parts inventory and trying to clean up my workshop with the intent of having another go.

This will be at least try #5.

I hope this one works.

Classic MTB’s Forum

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

If you like old mountain bikes, or are old and like mountain bikes, you’ll find this forum full of interesting posts & nice photos.

Webstore for Google’s Chrome

Monday, April 11th, 2011

With the advent of Google Chrome 10 (simultaneously released with Firefox 4) the Chrome App Store is available whenever you open a new tab in the browser.

There are many free apps, most of which are geared towards the Android smartphone users and not the desktop or laptop user browsing at home.

I have focused on the games so far––no surprise there–and many of those have disappointed.

However, if you are a fan of 80′s arcade games you will find a lot there to keep you happy.