Fake comments

I’m getting a lot of fake comments here and while I appreciate the generally positive and unctuous tone of those, it still leaves me feeling cheated.

Sorry, that’s just how I feel.


10 Responses to “Fake comments”

  1. Denver Molyneux Says:

    Are you making this up as you go along?

  2. admin Says:

    I think that’s implied, fake commenter.

  3. new kitchens Says:

    I don’t normally comment on blogs.. But nice post! I just bookmarked your site

  4. admin Says:

    What exactly do you mean by “normally”?

  5. mereway bathrooms Says:

    hi-ya, I like all your posts, keep them coming.

  6. discount kitchens Says:

    I appreciate the personal thoughts and opinions, but would be much happier with logical and well thought out responses.

  7. admin Says:

    I intend to, fake commenter.

  8. admin Says:

    Nice fake comment, discount kitchen sales-bot.

  9. restaurant manchester Says:

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  10. admin Says:

    Thanks to you, fake commenter, “restaurant manchester”.

    I did not know there were restaurants in Manchester . . . besides Harry Ramsden’s of course.